Shijiazhuang Yaqi Cosmetic Brush Co., Ltd.


Company Overview

SHIJIAZHUANG YAQI BRUSH PRODUCT CO.,LTD. is a leading and professional manufacturer in brush industry and is located in North China. We can offer all kinds of cosmetic brushes, and shaving brushes according to customers' different requirements.

From the natural hair dressing and color dyeing, to the brush producing, we produce the brushes by ourselves. Therefore, our brushes are with competitive price, and we can also control the quality very well. We do very strict quality check for each brush we produce.

We are also in the natural animal hair dressing industry for about 20 years. Our natural animal hair includes: different kinds of quality goat hair, fine washed pony hair, badger hair, raccoon hair, squirrel hair, pahmi hair,etc.



We supply our customers with not only good products but also competitive price and excellent service. We make all efforts to improve quality and decrease cost continuously. We work hard every day to supply much better service to all customers.




Make customers satisfied!
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